Government Is A Bloated Political Crime Syndicate Run By Elitist Mafiosos

73BEF524-D13A-44A6-9842-A45D6FD873F2_mw1024_n_sThe largest case of brazen criminal fraud & extortion to ever be committed by a sitting President & his political Party against every single American in the history of the United States is playing out right in front of your eyes people. Obamacare. Despite all these divergent narratives highlighting the many resulting & horrific consequences of this calculated phenomenal disaster we’ve been seeing reported about in the mainstream media since Obama loosed his “signature” legislative Kraken on our country, it’s really no more complicated to explain than that. A crime HAS been knowingly & purposely enacted against each & every one of us. Despite that droves of terrified Democrats are bailing Obama’s ship to save themselves as the 2014 midterm elections fast approach & they see with a clarity reserved for deer’s caught in the headlights as their careers hang in the balance.

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Being too “extremist” for Obama is all the eligibility Statesman Ted Cruz needs for 2016

ResistanceIsFutile450x285-300x190So how do you feel about Barack Hussein Obama having inducted the United States into the “Axis of Evil” hall of fame? We’ve officially become sponsors & supporters of Islamic terrorism by his having purposely ignored provisions of federal law prohibiting the supply of weapons & aid to terror groups so he could knowingly supply weapons & aid to al-Qaeda in Syria. Even Republican supporters of this fiasco have publicly conceded they know weapons will end up in the hands of these terrorists. They’re not just any radical Islamic terror group either. They’re the terrorist organization responsible for the mass murder of over 3,000 civilians on American soil 12 years ago when they struck us on September 11th, 2001. I don’t know about any of you, but that pisses me off…A LOT! Obama will rub elbows negotiating with Communists & Muslim leaders across the globe. He’ll support the Muslim Brotherhood & not say a word as they slaughter Coptic Christians in Egypt. He’ll run to the U.N. & give fallacious speeches steeped in bold faced lies. Barack Hussein Obama will put weapons into the hands of al-Qaeda extremists. BUT he won’t negotiate with those on Capitol Hill he labeled “GOP extremists”. Go figure.

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Our former government of the people is now one of the terrorists, by the terrorists, & for the terrorists

obama-con-turbanteOur country no longer belongs to us. There are no ‘ifs’, there are no ‘maybes’, & there isn’t any ‘buts’ about it. Not anymore there’s not. It’s gone. Right in front of our eyes we’ve watched this piecemeal theft go on for decades. We’re in advance stage 4 of this Political Correctness cancer introduced by maniac Bolsheviks. Barack Hussein Obama is the acid they’ve thrown in the face of our nation for emphasis. Who needs Islamic terrorists when you have establishment RINO’s, renegade Democrats, & a phony President menacing the American people while they support & represent terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood & al-Qaeda. A President who discards federal law that prohibits the supply of weapons to known terrorist groups so he can supply weapons to a known terrorist group [officially making the United States a sponsor & supporter of Islamic terrorism], & who -along with the Constitutional serial rapists in this perverse government- perpetually malign Americans 2nd Amendment Rights in their relentless efforts to disarm law abiding citizens. Yeah, all being done while Obama purposely arms known Muslim TERRORISTS with our weapons. Continue reading

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The Treason & conceivable Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama

GlennBeck_pointingNot so long ago in our country’s history, having a President as diametrically opposed & brazenly hostile to the very principles of our nations Founding & its fundamental laws as we have in Barack Hussein Obama would have been inconceivable to the American people. Not merely inconceivable, but intolerable. Since this previously obscure speck of an Illinois Senator made his first appearance on the national political stage however, we have borne witness to MANY previously inconceivable things. Obama’s mystifying election to the Office of President not withstanding (despite his possessing virtually no experience or significant political achievements whatsoever to qualify him for the job), everything Obama has set his hands to since taking Office has consistently met in a confluent chain reaction of disastrous results to one degree or another. From the beginning, many media & political Chowder-heads tried to attribute Obama’s motives as”well intentioned“, referring to his demeanor as being that of a “likable guy“. Continue reading

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‘Terrorist Activity’ sounds like a ‘family tradition’ for Barack Hussein Obama

156623_357582127661647_624973805_nYou don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to know that distrusting any argument Barack Hussein Obama would postulate in his upcoming address to the Nation later today to justify & garner public support for his proposed military intervention against Syria is elementary. The man’s a walking repository of lies, deceit, & treachery. Watching the cognitive psychosis of our media in their coverage of this schizophrenic government is a surreal experience when you understand the preeminence we’ve granted people who have no sincere reverence or genuine love for our country. Political Schismatist’s from either Party who have only divided & pitted us against each other during the relentless progression of this fundamental change Obama has generated since day 1 of his Presidency. Who have done absolutely nothing to benefit, enhance, or prosper our nation. Constitutional demagogues who have basically abused & exploited the powers of their political Office to extort, tyrannize, & oppress the American people. Many of whom are more deserving to rot in a jail cell for the rest of their natural born lives much less our permitting these hegemonic Hitler’s to continue exerting their perverse influence through even more legislative lawlessness & dereliction.

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So what part of Obama’s ‘hope & change’ involved him starting World War III again?!


So does anyone remember what part of Obama’s “hope & change”, included World War III? I mean the only ‘hope’ I’ve ever seen associated with Obama has been people hoping desperately for an end to all this bastardizing ‘change’ he keeps managing to get away with somehow. I’m fed up with what our country has become. With what it’s deliberately being worn down to by these throngs of aggregated political cartels swarming under the Democrat Party marquee. Who have absolutely no respect or reverence for anything of intelligible value or intrinsic worth. Who care little for anything other than their own gluttonous appetites & shameless crapulence. Simply referring to them as a “cancer” doesn’t do genuine credit for the menace they hazard to the continued prosperity & survival of our country. Look at this retrograding influence they’ve been allowed to have so far on our culture. Where we’ve literally come to see the most licentious of hypocrites, degenerates, deviants, morons, murderers, & least reputable, anti-American refuse of every stripe & color running amok all over our society be sensationalized, celebrated, admired, revered & given such ridiculous credibility & accolades it’s nauseous. No wonder we appear to have gone from a nation of American greatness & exceptionalism to ‘Lord of the Flies’ in the span of a generation. Continue reading

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Could Obama’s blood ties to Muslim Brotherhood reveal him as an accessory to murder?


Following the first in a series of planned town hall meetings, constituents in & around the city of Spanish Fork, Utah approached attending Republican Senator Mike Lee, expressing their belief Barack Hussein Obama had violated the law & was deserving of impeachment. Their convictions undoubtedly met with bitter disappointment given Lee’s pronouncement, “No matter how much conservatives disagree with his policies, it isn’t evident he has committed any “high crimes and misdemeanors” at this point.” Lee summarized his belief with the equally demoralizing: “We’re stuck with him.” Around the time Lee made his dispiriting assertion, information surfaced revealing Obama’s Kenyan half-brother, Malik Obama, having a significant connection to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt with his oversight of their international investments. A connection which ligatured directly into Obama’s IRS scandal, implicating IRS supervisor Lois Lerner who, in her capacity as director of Exempt Organizations, signed & expedited Malik Obama’s own tax-exempt approval letter. With Lerner going so far as to make it retro-active having gone back 2 years as Obama’s half-brother had been accepting illegal donations during that 2 year period. Even as her department was conducting an extensively systematic targeting & harassment of Tea Party & Faith based political Groups & organizations. Continue reading

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