Crazed Liberals Attacking ‘Maverick’ Senator Ted Cruz As The McCarthy Of Our Times For Rocking The Establishment Boat

Cruz-HeadshotAs I was watching Special Report With Bret Baier on FOX NEWS yesterday afternoon, I happened to see an interesting segment that had Baier reporting on the recent uproar Tea Party backed U.S. Senator from Texas Ted Cruz has engendered in his political Maverick style approach to the ‘business as usual Washington style politics’ D.C. is infamous for. I saw this story echoed again on Fox & Friends earlier this morning too. Apparently Cruz has ruffled some feathers & rattled some cages in his no holds barred approach to his job. So much so that he has even begun drawing comparisons from liberal media critics likening Cruz to Joe McCarthy & that age of McCarthyism of the early 1950’s.

This comparison results from his recent grilling of Obama’s pick for Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel during a confirmation hearing held January 31, during which Cruz – having previously made a point of highlighting Iran’s expressed support of Hagel as Defense Secretary – further elaborated this point by questioning if Hagel had received possible financial compensation paid to him for any speeches he may have given to extreme or radical groups as detailed in the following excerpt taken from,, in an article from February 14, 2013 by Reporter Todd J. Gillman titled,  “Democrats paint Sen. Ted Cruz as latter-day McCarthy over Hagel insinuations”;

 ~”On Tuesday, as the Senate Armed Services Committee approved the nomination on a 14-11 party line vote, Cruz suggested that Hagel – a former Republican senator – has taken money under the table from adversaries.

“We do not know, for example, if he received compensation for giving paid speeches at extreme or radical groups,” Cruz said before the committee vote. “It is at a minimum relevant to know if that $200,000 that he deposited in his bank account came directly from Saudi Arabia, or came directly from North Korea.”

Cruz demanded financial disclosures from Hagel covering five years, three more than required, asserting that without that, the “only reasonable inference” is that “there was something in there that they did not want to make public.”~


Cruz’s methods drew the ire of Florida Democrat, Senator Bill Nelson, as this next excerpt from the article illustrates;

~Sen. Bill Nelson, a Florida Democrat, chastised Cruz for violating standards of “comity and civility that this committee has always been known for….To question in essence whether somebody is a fellow traveler with another country, I think is taking it too far….You basically have impugned the patriotism of the nominee.”~

Ok, well if I had any reservations or doubts in the grudging admiration & respect I’d once conceded previously to having for Cruz, those reservations & doubts are effectively (at least for the time being anyway) suspended. I like this guy! I like too that he’s pissing off all the right people! I like that he’s bucking the status quo of this nest of arrogantly corrupt political ruling class elitists our Government has been usurped by!

It’s pleases me to see the Democrats & Republican RINO’s expressing their umbrage & indignation. It pleases me to see those gutter sniping character assassin Uruk-hai of Obama’s State run liberal media wringing their hands & fretting themselves into a lather! It pleases me to hear their hypocrites whining because of one man who is actually living up to the campaign promises he had pledged to his constituents! As if that is an unspeakable crime unheard of in the absurdly incestuous environment which exists in the bubble shared by both this perverse media & these venal politicians! Do these iniquitous idiots not even have a grasp as to the image they project to the people who must live here in the real world outside of their insulating bubble that separates them from us? Do they have no concept whatsoever?! Their abject disconnect from reality is incredible! Then we wonder why we have no leadership in our country.

And of these politicians who do we have? John McCain? Yeah, the Republican RINO who practically prostrated himself at Obama’s feet throughout his 2008 Presidential campaign! Sentencing our nation to 8 years (if we’re lucky) of this narcissistic despots subverting our Constitution, subjugating our basic freedoms, our civil liberties, & getting Americans killed then deliberately engaging in malfeasant cover-ups to hide his own criminal negligence!

images (3)

~”Senate Watchdog” Likes To Fetch Pencils During Her Down Time~

Then we have Claire McCaskill. The Missouri Senator who laughingly refers to herself as a “Senate watchdog” & “fiscal conservative”. Yet – ironically – she had no issues with all of the shady backroom deals & swindling that went into passing Obamacare (which she also supported too by the way).  It’s interesting to listen to her rant from atop her soapbox, oblivious to her own scandals that involved missing campaign contributions in the amount of $277 thousand, back taxes & penalties owed in the amount of $320 thousand, as well as using tax dollars to fund campaign trips in her private plane.

Needless to say I could sit here & rattle off indefinitely over the varied indiscretions of these various politicians who have repudiated Senator Cruz for his simply having the integrity of character to stand head & shoulders above this rat pack of rats & buck their establishment system. Bottom line is that the real problem with Ted Cruz is that there’s only one of him & we don’t have a whole regiment of Ted Cruz’s to send to Washington! America needs more men (women too) like Cruz! If his being compared to Joe McCarthy (a man I’ve begun to think was a visionary way ahead of his times given the state we’re in now today) is the worst they can throw at him, then they all need to do themselves a favor, sit down, & just shut the Hell up!

These politicians who live in their glass houses, throwing rocks from their front porches have overstayed their welcome many of them. When they’ve held an office for almost 3 decades & become much wealthier in that time than they otherwise could manage on a Senator or Congressman’s salary alone, something is seriously wrong. Especially as the wealthier they become, the poorer off our nation gets. So that effectively neuters any message they could muster to argue for a case in their deserving re-election.

As Democrats have already begun their ridiculous hyping of Hillary Clinton for their potential Democratic nomination for President in 2016 (I don’t get how anyone could seriously endorse such a hideous human being as her & show their face in public), I’m beginning to think I’d like to see a Rand Paul/Ted Cruz ticket myself.




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18 Responses to Crazed Liberals Attacking ‘Maverick’ Senator Ted Cruz As The McCarthy Of Our Times For Rocking The Establishment Boat

  1. Diane Lattanzi says:

    I am very impressed with Ted Cruz. I sent seval messages to him whe he was pushing to delay Obamacare. He did hold firm and has been proven Right. We need him in the White hose. Get the Vermin >>>>>>OUT.

  2. John Doe says:

    Your first problem is you’re information comes from Fox News, which if you removed your head from your ass and did your OWN research, you’d realize it’s a pure opinion network and an arm for the new Republican right.

    • Chad Miller says:

      Use your real name gutter sniper instead of hiding in cowardice behind a name like “John Doe” before spouting off with your banal stupidity. You might want to try removing your own head from your own ass first tho’.

      • Superb my friend superb, that traitorous Kunt would not know his butt from a Hole in the Ground.

      • dragonlive64 says:

        Well said brother, these punks are brave sitting behind a computer screen!! And I Iove how they never reply to what a person writes, they always start off with personal attacks and name calling!! Of course when you are dumb as a rock and have no original ideas and just spout off what they tell you to believe on MSNBC what else can you expect!
        And I can already hear the repub, conservative, fox news watching attacks coming, even though I hate the republicans equally as much as I hate the democrats! These fools can not see that it is the government as a whole that has ruined this nation not one party and they all have to be removed before there is any hope for this nation!
        Honestly, I believe it is too late to save this country and I pray each and every night that it collapses. I can hunt, fish, and grow a garden, I don’t need the government to survive, like the sheep in the large cities who voted this scumbag into office, and I wouldn’t p*ss on them if they were burning to death!
        The time to make a choice is fast approaching, and my choice was made for me, by a government that labels me a terrorists and Fort Hood work place violence! Obumma and his family are parasites, sucking all the blood they can before their time runs out, the ultimate welfare family! I just hope a elephant tramples them on their vacation to africa!

  3. Reblogged this on Nutrientscure's Blog and commented:
    So Many WordPress Bloggers are rising up to fight for the Truth!

  4. devsadvocate says:

    Reblogged this on In Defense Of Liberty and commented:
    Loving Ted Cruze more and more…

  5. Tony says:

    Agreed Ralph! I think that’s the exact reason why the media is doing their best to downplay this patriot. That is the problem nowadays is anytime someone has an original idea or questions the status quo the sheeple and propaganda wings of this administration try and shut them down. Glad to see Senator Cruz be heard!

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  7. Moogie says:

    I think its interesting that a journalism professor just said that students can’t use Fox News as a citation because they have been found to be inaccurate on so many statistics,

    • Chad Miller says:

      I wouldn’t know since it seems to be NBC, MSNBC, & others who are consistently getting busted for altering their news footage to help misinform the public in their advancing misleading narratives to further a seditiously biased agenda.

    • Carl Smith says:

      Moogie, You just destroyed your credibality by citing a “journalism proffessor”. Now that is at best an oxymoron. PhD=Permenately habitually Dumb.

  8. David Chandler says:

    All we need is 538 more just like him.

  9. Joe says:

    I hate it when they get caught red handed and say that they that’s not what I said. LOL. How can one expect to lie like that and get away with it? The evidence was right there, what more contex did he need?

  10. Ralph Bodie Liberty, Nebraska says:


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