A Presidency In Melt Down, A Nation Caught In The Fallout

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So how much more accumulated evidence does anyone with sense need anymore to see & understand that we do NOT have any semblance of a “representative government”? As we’ve watched every day for going on 5 years now this “unopposed” accelerated & orchestrated disintegration of our rule of law, our economy, our free market system, our labor force, our national security, our military defense capabilities, as well as other sundry government institutions under this monumental & fatal fraud, Barack Hussein Obama! How many more American’s must die in our own streets under Obama’s willful & gross dereliction of duty & brazen collusion with enemies of our country?!


It’s virtually staggering in scope when you try & encompass everything this man & his Democrat cohorts have been allowed to commit & get away with! Aided & abetted by a criminally complicit mainstream media organization & enabled by a GOP establishment overrun with either RINO’s or spineless conciliating eunuchs! Yet we’ve begun to see in recent headlines emerging daily this expanding melt down of our system under the dissident in our White House growing by leaps & bounds! Benghazi. Our own military targeting Evangelical Christians & Catholics as “Religious Extremists”…Which begs the question: When at any other time in our nations history under any other President & administration, have we seen such an assault on people of faith as we’ve witnessed under Barack Hussein Obama? All while he continues funding (with our own money) & arming (with our own advanced weaponry) the militant Muslim Brotherhood controlled government of Egypt & facilitating their incursion into sensitive areas of our government through his own administration.

showmeme (10)All while Obama was also shipping munitions out of Libya to al-Qaeda linked Jihadist’s posing as rebel fighters in Syria…Which is why we have a dead U.S. Ambassador & 3 other dead American’s having been murdered at the hands of al-Qaeda linked radical Islamic terrorists in Benghazi back on 9/11/2013 that’s creating such a stir now…FINALLY! Which begs another question: If al-Qaeda is as beaten & on the run as Obama likes to claim they are, then why is Obama & his administration knowingly aiding & arming them as evidence since released would suggest?? As if that isn’t enough tho’, then we have another recent headline reporting about the press conference on May 9th where 3 families of fallen SEAL Team 6 members who perished  when their Chinook helicopter was shot down under suspect circumstances in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011 (3 months after their raid on the compound of bin-Laden), accuse the U.S. government of being complicit in the deaths of their sons. From this allegation it was revealed that a Muslim emam had been invited to their children’s funeral back in 2011 when they allege this cleric disparaged in Arabic the memory of their sons. Unbelievable isn’t it? Yeah… Not really. Not anymore.


Then we have the IRS also in recent headlines coming right out & admitting their having targeted conservative groups that have the words “Tea Party” or “Patriot” in their names. I imagine this is probably just another clandestine stratagem by Obama’s fellow protagonists to fabricate yet another “distraction” to help try & divert attention away from this burgeoning Benghazi scandal to save Obama’s ass, but what the Hell is happening to our country?! When did being a “Patriot” of all things become a punishable & persecuting offense in America?!! When did being an Evangelical Christian or a Catholic either for that matter?!! Only since Obama. What a coincidence, huh? Yeah… Not really. Not anymore.

showmeme (8)Now in the midst of so much arranged political chaos & upheaval, in the wake of so much dereliction & criminal negligence by this offender in our White House, radical Islamic terrorism has again found its way onto American soil with these Boston Marathon bombings (& all of the subsequent fallout which that implies). Obama has the distinction of not only getting Diplomats, consulate staffers, Navy SEAL’s, Border Patrol Agents, & ICE Agents killed (along with the hundreds of Mexican civilians –yeah, thanks loads there Fast & Furious- in their own country), but now he can also add average American citizens to his lengthening list. Stands to reason we’ve become like any other 3rd world shit-hole after 5 years of this unmitigated & premeditated Chicago bred catastrophe! Like I’ve said before…Dead American’s will be the most distinguishing Hallmark of Obama’s pathetic legacy. What a surprise, huh? Yeah… Not really. Not anymore.

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About Chad Miller

Ours is not a government of the people, but an aristocracy of oppressive elitists, & the Tree of Liberty's roots have grown parched! You can follow Chad on Twitter. Also see; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Obama-The-Enemy-Within/493345724020615?ref=hl
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5 Responses to A Presidency In Melt Down, A Nation Caught In The Fallout

  1. Laura McGarry says:

    “Islamic terrorism has again found its way onto American soil with these Boston Marathon bombings (& all of the subsequent fallout which that implies).” You claim to have open eyes but you do not. You completely missed that Obama is not the sole problem. You completely missed that the entire Washington DC thing is a ruse–there is no left- there is no right!! We are a one party Nation suffering a full unchecked coup by one Psychopathic Party. The primary goal of ALL our so called representatives is self preservation and self enrichment; the bicker is a ruse to give an appearance of relevance. They use the core of peoples’ hope to play their dirty game which is their religious beliefs. The danger of Radical Islamic beliefs in this country leaving us prey to terrorist acting out is a LIE!! The government is the terrorist. The Boston Marathon Bombing is a lie and a huge failure by the terrorist Psychopathic Party; the evidence that this was a false flag is overwhelming. NO ONE DIED IN THESE BLAST AND NO ONE SUFFERED INJURY THAT RESULTED IN AMPUTATION. If you want to proceed with charges of treason you have solid evidence to back those charges. The charges need to be brought against the entire psychopathic party and the Powers that Be in Massachusetts who pulled this ruse; that means all three branches of government and there is no party unaware and these corrupt scum are either directly involved in carrying the ruse or are active in the cover-up.

    They framed, kidnapped, tortured and killed. They set up multiple fraudulent charities. They used our federal courts to set up a simulated criminal case against the young brother and his friends. NOTHING is real. The news media helps and there is a high probability that the current problem with the DOJ going after the AP and Fox is that the lie was going to be exposed. Title 18 criminal laws cover what has happened here. Under those laws a conspiracy to deprive rights which involves racketeering where a frame up of Patsies was followed by kidnapping and homicide so that no due process would occur and expose the true terrorist. Under Title 18 laws ALL involved in the conspiracy are held accountable for the kidnapping and homicide whether directly involved or not. These are RICO law violations and a LIFE sentence if convicted for anyone involved in the conspiracy is mandatory. There is an empty federal prison in Illinois and it could easily be filled up with all of the scum involved in this ruse; those not federal or state workers become federal and state actors by association under Bivens and U.S.C 42 section 1983. We could take down the corrupt media in an action against these sick bastards. The intent is to rob Americans of civil liberties, Constitutional Rights, and of their cold hard cash. Our children and their children are in danger – the future offers them a horrible world of which we are incapable of forming vision because it beyond anything we could imagine. When they kill Muslims over seas they blame it on Christians. The name of the game is Divide and Conquer–do not fall for it. The kid they have in custody was in community college; he enjoyed smoking pot and his biggest concern in any given day was what he was going to get to eat. He did not practice his religion- he cared about people and he was grateful to be here in America. He wanted to be a dentist. There is no evidence to support the tale the nation has been told. News media that appears to agree with the line of thinking of the right is a Trojan Horse – all of news media supports the Psychopathic Party; they think by doing so they are in the club!!!!

  2. Michele Frost says:

    Your Goverment is corrupt.. and they do not give a damn about any of you.. Thoes who decided to give up all their freedoms.. and vote not once.. but twice for this man.. are traitors.. can’t say it any plainer than this..What does he have to do to prove to you that he does not care about the USA and it’s people.. For God sakes.. you are Americans.. do something..

    • Russell says:

      What do you suggest we do? I have said that we need to do something for years and all I see anyone willing to do is political solutions. It has reached a point in my opinion that political solutions are useless. It appears that legal solutions may have a small chance, but I will not hold my breath on that one. So what next? I am listening and at this point, I am willing to try anything. But it is going to take more than just me!

      • batch says:


        I have the answer, we do not need bullets, you see, all party’s. R / L do not want to fix it. They make money on the friction and graft they take off the backs of us. The constant push for the next election is the ploy. We have to work as a herd, one voice with the money we spend. Cut the money off to these pricks. Disney, McDonald’s, Home Depot and the rest. Do not associate with anyone you know who voted for this prick. Family or not. Can be done, it will be done.

  3. KC Ted says:

    The last administration was no different. Dem/Pub, Left/Right paradigm is just divisive diversion. The elitists are the global financial elite, and they care little about right/left or Dem/Pub. Those are simply the perception altering mechanization to keep people from seeing the true tyrants.

    As a matter of fact, when the non-statist liberty lovers (regardless of party) stops being divided, is the day that the global financial elite’s agenda ends. That’s their worst nightmare,, that AMERICANS stop being divided.

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