Holy Executive Order : Furious fans petition Obama to block Ben Affleck from playing as next Batman


As the Middle East descends into flames & blood, as our Nation reels under the relentlessly concussive onslaught of this political tempest known as hurricane Obama, as millions of Americans feel embattled & oppressed by this insolent government, growing increasingly outraged over their steady crippling of the peoples freedoms & livelihoods seen as being precipitated by the malevolence of this Presidents “fundamental transformation”, it’s comforting to know at least where some of our fellow countrymen’s priorities are…

xbradley-manning-cross-dressing.jpg.pagespeed.ic.tS0CKfC3viAs if other notably worthless topics such as convicted Army Private Bradley Manning’s gender identity crisis weren’t grating enough having to see being reported as “news”, now we have another in this hit parade of trash journalism to toss on the burn pile following Hollywood’s recent announcement of actor Ben Affleck being chosen as the man to succeed Christian Bale in the role of Batman for the upcoming sequel to The Man of Steel. This choice so outraged fans apparently that many of these idiots swarmed to the White House online petition system to invoke Obama’s personal intervention on their behalf in what they perceived by Hollywood’s selection of Affleck as being just an awful, awful choice. Sadly, I’m not joking….



4503262_f496See what I mean? Being a former comic book aficionado myself once upon a time, I have one of those 30 gallon storage containers put away in storage somewhere, filled to the brim with a wide assortment of titles all sealed in slip covers to protect them from aging & the elements, & Batman is conclusively the man. God help me, I can even sympathize with these morons, but petitioning the White House?? That’s the sort of rhapsodic zealotry prone to giving even mild mannered geeks a bad name, & while I still have fond recollections of comics before they started coming under the incrementally twisted influence of liberal depredations, not even my reminisced enthusiasm would have equaled that of these manic jack-wagons.

In any event, since we’re on the subject of comic book superheroes, I happened to go see the 1st massively hyped ‘The Man Of Steel’ when it premiered earlier this year. If you managed to get past the sequential bombardment of impressive “Shock-&-Awe” special effects without having a seizure,  the story & character interaction in my opinion sucked. In wanting to make a “believable” Superman who could exist in our world today, they basically eviscerated the characters & history of what made Superman, well, Superman. I could handle the changes they made to the costume. I could even handle Hollywood’s incessant racial pandering too with their casting yet another established Caucasian character such as Perry White with a black actor. But Pa Kent getting killed in a Tornado? That was crap.

I could go on, but if you have any affinity for the character, you know what I’m saying here. Besides, the only definitive Superman of the silver screen whom I acknowledge has ever been Christopher Reeve. Admittedly some of the latter movies of his franchise portraying the Man of Steel left a lot to be desired, but no one before or since Reeve has really managed to capture the spirit of Superman quite like he did.


In any event, if you’re one of those who constantly finds themselves wondering just what in the Hell is wrong with our Country, I figured I’d share this story about these boobs petitioning a President in their protest over an actor who has been cast to play the part of a fictional comic book superhero. Maybe that’ll help shine some light on the subject for you.



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