So what part of Obama’s ‘hope & change’ involved him starting World War III again?!


So does anyone remember what part of Obama’s “hope & change”, included World War III? I mean the only ‘hope’ I’ve ever seen associated with Obama has been people hoping desperately for an end to all this bastardizing ‘change’ he keeps managing to get away with somehow. I’m fed up with what our country has become. With what it’s deliberately being worn down to by these throngs of aggregated political cartels swarming under the Democrat Party marquee. Who have absolutely no respect or reverence for anything of intelligible value or intrinsic worth. Who care little for anything other than their own gluttonous appetites & shameless crapulence. Simply referring to them as a “cancer” doesn’t do genuine credit for the menace they hazard to the continued prosperity & survival of our country. Look at this retrograding influence they’ve been allowed to have so far on our culture. Where we’ve literally come to see the most licentious of hypocrites, degenerates, deviants, morons, murderers, & least reputable, anti-American refuse of every stripe & color running amok all over our society be sensationalized, celebrated, admired, revered & given such ridiculous credibility & accolades it’s nauseous. No wonder we appear to have gone from a nation of American greatness & exceptionalism to ‘Lord of the Flies’ in the span of a generation.

Full-Metal-Jacket-Sgt-Hartm-516x330Speaking of the “least” reputable…It appears as if one of Obama’s dogs of war was taken to the vet a few days ago & neutered. I’m referring to the United Kingdom’s British Parliament having voted down their Prime Minister David Cameron’s nonbinding motion seeking approval for Britain to have a role alongside the U.S. in taking military action against the Assad led Syrian government for its alleged use of chemical based weapons on hundreds of Syrian civilians – including dozens of children. Cameron’s motion was smote by a vote of 285-272 in the House of Commons. However, Britain’s declining to join in this growing debacle is only a small portion of the burgeoning dissent against our increasingly humiliated President. A President whose own arrogance in having drawn a red line in the sand against Syria has brought its cackling chickens home to roost.

Meanwhile in other parts of the Middle East: Obama continues on in obdurate silence as his dogs of war in the Muslim Brotherhood persist with their relentless persecution & massacre of Coptic Christians throughout several regions in Egypt. Who cares I guess that his own Kenyan half-brother, Malik Obama, oversees the Brotherhoods International Investments. Nothing incriminating about that, is there?

Yet here we have Syria in this Middle Eastern hotbed of expanding radical Islamic proliferation. Currently under siege by an incursion of thousands of known radical Islamic Jihadist groups (some affiliated with al-Qaeda & even having alleged ties to the September 11th, 2012 terrorist attack on our U.S. Compound in Benghazi), whom our own government psychotically is insisting on arming, & here we have Obama & his loyalist proxies all set to kick off World War III over an incident they claim Assad’s regime is responsible for. Accompanied with the melodramatic garishness of Secretary of State John Kerry declaring to the global community of their having “indisputable proof” to substantiate their claims with. Although how they could have had “indisputable proof” so early on is anyone’s guess when near as I could tell from the initial media coverage, U.N. Inspectors had just begun conducting their investigation around the time the Obama administration was claiming to have this “indisputable proof”.

Apart from the dozens of  media based theorems in speculation, supposition, & conjecture presented by the vast Phalanx of talking head pundits & political analysts, the bottom line is, no one knows anything with certainty about these events in Syria & what’s really going on. No one can know. We may know as far as who’s who, but beyond that it seems to come down to a matter of, “we said/they said” when it comes to what’s actually happening there. Yet we’re expected to believe these claims of “indisputable proof” made by an administration comprised of proven liars & buffoons such as we have with the likes of John Kerry as Secretary of State.

An administration with a proven track record of lies, distortion, deceit, corruption, & (as far as I’m concerned) criminally negligent homicide. So as this administration tries to draw the United States into an unjustified conflict with Syria to salvage Obama’s crappy reputation, presenting a non-cogent schizophrenic policy strategy for military intervention whose potential catastrophic consequences far outweigh any vague positive results posed by a mere “shot across the bow“, none in Washington do anything decisive to prevent or hold accountable the haphazard radicalism of this despot in our White House. Apart that is from their standard augury of lackluster saber rattling & ‘Tweeting’. *sigh*

Press Secretary & administration Spokesclown Jay Carney stated during a White House Press conference earlier this week:

“I believe that absolutely allowing the use of chemical weapons on a significant scale to take place without a response would present significant challenge to, threat to the United States’ national security.” 

Carney stated this in response as reporters pressed him for a definitive answer as to whether or not Obama would seek Congressional approval before initiating any strike against Syria. This administration seems subjectively schismatic about what they designate being a “national security threat”. When we have open borders with Mexico & documented proof by local news affiliates of Islamic (Hamas) terrorist activity going on along those porous borders just inside Mexico. Not to mention a Drug Cartel related murder rate along those same borders having claimed the lives of well over 60,000 people since 2006 (with unconfirmed estimates putting that number at over 100,000). Oh wait. That’s right. According to Obama & his loyal propaganda disseminating groupies in the media, our borders are the most secure they’ve ever been…In history!

What I can say from my own observations that I consider being incontrovertible proof, has been Obama’s unwavering systematic degradation of our country as a whole. Ever since the arrival on the national political stage of this formerly unknown Senator from Illinois. A baffling phenomenon who rose to meteoric heights & mystifying prominence in such a brief period of time really. Despite having purposefully abstruse origins, with what details given about his past for public consumption cherry picked & suspect. Add to that his radical associations which subsequently came to light that would ostensibly render any pretensions for political credibility or sense of entitlement to the Presidency of the United States farcical in a natural world. Or at least they would be farcical I’m willing to wager if Obama had more resembled the white half of his pedigree.


As if this quandary of incredulous flukes weren’t inexplicable enough, Obama then goes on to beat Hillary Clinton of all people for the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination. How did that happen again?! I’d still like to know, because no conventional explanation I’ve heard given by Obama’s fawning obsequious media has managed to either convince or provide me with a rational explanation for his overcoming such overwhelming odds. Especially in his managing to deserve a 2nd term given how calamitous Obama was throughout his first. Perhaps we should ask former Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, whom Obama had told a few months prior to the 2012 Presidential elections of his having “more flexibility” after the elections were held. Oddly enough with Obama sounding confident of knowing in advance what the outcome of that election would be.

It raises the eyebrow of any person engaged in critical thought. How could it not?! Especially now with the benefit of hindsight to look back across this chasm spanning 4 1/2 years with. It’s like looking upon a grotesque landfill stretching for miles, from one end of the horizon to the other. Heaped under darkened skies with mountainous piles that are the rotting debris & odorous wreckage of Obama’s “fundamental transformation”. A landscape littered with a backwash of disastrous results due to derelict demagogic leadership, of duplicitous lies, a roller coaster procession of one scandal &/or manufactured crisis after another, not to mention scores of ill-fated victims who have died senseless deaths at the hands of this charlatans scheming ambitions & treachery.

With 4 1/2 years of Americas 1st black Democrat President behind us, look at this destination we find ourselves having arrived at: A nation now being pushed inexorably towards the precipice of what could conceivably become World War III. So what part of “hope & change” did that fall under again??

All thanks to some measly, unqualified, piss ant Senator from the sewage catch-basin of Chicago politics.



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Ours is not a government of the people, but an aristocracy of oppressive elitists, & the Tree of Liberty's roots have grown parched! You can follow Chad on Twitter. Also see;
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3 Responses to So what part of Obama’s ‘hope & change’ involved him starting World War III again?!

  1. Joe Myrick says:

    It is this and so much more, but who is paying the cost for all of the worlds terrorism? Who controls the money? Who stands to gain by the halting of future millionaires so that the elites do not have to share their vacation spots? Who are the wealthiest now? Who will remain the wealthy, while all others are robbed through investment schemes and kicked back into the lower class? Who are these people doing this to our world? We are being overthrown, while our nations members sit watching poor entertainment, drinking their favorite cocktail. It has all been purposed.

  2. laura91 says:

    This is an amazing article with all the great links and info.
    the video titled “Uncovered Muslim Brotherhood Documents Could put Obama in Jail”
    in the video he keeps calling the money paid to the brotherhood bribe money, if anything
    that would imply that obamanation had no choice but to pay it, when in reality the brotherhood
    was outright paid to create all the terrorism, uprising and springs Arab chaos.
    It makes me mad as hell that obamanation is painted as an innocent in this disgusting
    criminal corruption.
    and the video titled “Local News Stations Uncovers Proof That Terrorist Crossed The Mexican Border”
    In my opinion this is a lie, because I believe that the terrorist are given the green light to move into our
    country via the refugee programs, millions are given citzenship, money, homes, jobs all right under our noses. They want to pass the amnesty bill to blame terrorist coming from across the border when in reality
    they are intentionally brought here.

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