Our former government of the people is now one of the terrorists, by the terrorists, & for the terrorists

obama-con-turbanteOur country no longer belongs to us. There are no ‘ifs’, there are no ‘maybes’, & there isn’t any ‘buts’ about it. Not anymore there’s not. It’s gone. Right in front of our eyes we’ve watched this piecemeal theft go on for decades. We’re in advance stage 4 of this Political Correctness cancer introduced by maniac Bolsheviks. Barack Hussein Obama is the acid they’ve thrown in the face of our nation for emphasis. Who needs Islamic terrorists when you have establishment RINO’s, renegade Democrats, & a phony President menacing the American people while they support & represent terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood & al-Qaeda. A President who discards federal law that prohibits the supply of weapons to known terrorist groups so he can supply weapons to a known terrorist group [officially making the United States a sponsor & supporter of Islamic terrorism], & who -along with the Constitutional serial rapists in this perverse government- perpetually malign Americans 2nd Amendment Rights in their relentless efforts to disarm law abiding citizens. Yeah, all being done while Obama purposely arms known Muslim TERRORISTS with our weapons.

U.S. Senator John McCain gestures as he arrives to address the third session of the Republican National Convention in TampaTheir arrogance & insolence have become increasingly flagrant & perfunctory. The total absence of any opposing contrariety by the GOP has become for all of us disgusting & routine. Any unorthodox voice of dissent attempted by political nonconformists such as Republican Senators Ted Cruz or Rand Paul in their efforts to give a voice to the will of the people is marginalized & even vilified by the status quo of establishment RINO’s from their own Party! So please, tell me more about this ‘government of the people‘ some still foolishly believe exists that we no longer have. This same government which legislates unConstitutional laws, increasing the unsustainable yoke of pecuniary burdens which they then place squarely on the backs of the American people. UnConstitutional laws which these elitist savants have the effrontery to exempt themselves from. Face it. We’re all countrymen without a country anymore!

This 2 Party establishment has been transmogrified into an obtrusive, authoritarian aristocracy. It’s an offense against our nation & the American people. We’ve gotten to the point where anyone who persists in an indoctrinated adherence to this scurrilous & dysfunctional political burlesque is either part of the problem or else they’re just Sheep. It’s incumbent upon you to separate yourself from this stagnating morass & submissive mindset.

funny-obama-faces-strange-0We the people are marginalized, oppressed, & harassed. Our hard earned money is extorted from us before it even reaches our hands by a corrupt system of racketeers who are more eager to represent both the aliens here in our country illegally & those who hate us & burn our Flag in other countries while we get shoved to the backseat. Compounding insult to injury we have the added bonus of seeing patriotism now being made a determining factor in designating some Americans as “likely terror suspects” while Evangelical Christians & Catholics are labeled as “Religious Extremists” by this administration. Meanwhile, we have a prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood dictating pro-Islamic policies to the DHS, CIA, & FBI in what could be defined as a prolific incursion of the enemy if not for the fact this President is now openly colluding with the enemy. Relax tho’ everyone! Obama’s black so that must mean it’s okay then by today’s ass backwards standards.

This meticulously crafted usurpation isn’t going to simply lose steam & disperse or evaporate. It’s not going to tolerate itself to be ‘voted’ away or have its primary objective threatened by a domestic rabble of defiant & patriotic proletariat’s. For a peoples Republic that has been incrementally converted into this dictatorial police state to be restored back to the people again, will essentially require the people themselves to take their country back. Likely by force. Providing there’s enough remnants of the American people left still possessing the fortitude to fight. I mean do you seriously believe such a copiously entrenched, organized, financed, & dedicated insurgency is simply going to acquiesce in the end & capitulate to the will of the people?! Especially given all the numerous inlets they’ve established & after all these deep inroads they’ve managed to pave into our society so far?

The emergence of the United States upon this continent came about after an escalated succession of progressively tyrannical & oppressive abuses by a distant monarch who controlled the largest superpower of the time. A chain of abuses which finally led to a violent Revolution that saw much blood shed & a series of devastating hardships which at times held the outcome of Americas own future & liberty in serious doubt. Yet in the end the people of America ultimately prevailed against that largest superpower of their time. For the sole purpose that the people of this continent were determined to secure for themselves their freedom from tyranny & oppression. That through divine providence, they would be the masters & commanders in charting their own fates & destinies.

o-BILL-OREILLY-facebookIn the face of so much purposely engineered adversity, much talk today among the people has come to center around the pivotal question of asking ourselves, “So what are we going to do?”. I’ve wondered the same thing myself. We know “freedom of the press” in this mainstream has become a polluted spillway of biased sewage blanketing our country with a noxious effluvium of misinformation. Hell, I don’t even trust Fox News. As this debate over defunding Obamacare has ratcheted up, all I’ve seen coming from the majority of pundits on Fox has been a visceral & pervasive GOP contempt for Ted Cruz. Fox is the spit bucket carrier for the GOP as far as I’m concerned. God knows Bill O’Reilly couldn’t get his lips any more attached to Obama’s ass short of having them surgically grafted on. The Culture Warrior seems to have undergone some sort of inexplicable Pod Person metamorphosis during these past 5 years that’s just bizarre in this perennial sycophancy he has demonstrated for this criminal administration. Especially when it came to O’Reilly’s oddball support of the Obama administrations proposed military strike against Syria.     

Banner Hulk 01

Back to the question of what are we to do tho’. It’s a shameful testimony to this decline of our nation that millions of Americans find themselves even having to ask such a question, but here we are. I think most of us instinctively know that whatever has to be done wont happen until a final convergence of events are set in motion on purpose by these instigators to force our hand. We’re already shoved up against the wall so you tell me. We’re being driven over the edge & I see absolutely no resolution to any of this treachery short of bloodshed. What other recourse do the people really have left? Every avenue meant for us to redress our grievances & defend ourselves has been purposely obstructed by subversives. By traitors masquerading themselves as politicians camouflaged in the spurious vestments of this pseudo-government. Who from their lofty ivory towers refer to us their opposition as “anarchists”. What do we do when they’ve become so emboldened & forthright in their arrogance & usurpation’s they don’t even care anymore about trying to be covert about it?!

Ask yourself, WWGWD [What Would George Washington Do?].

When attempted diplomacy failed with the British, he & his peers just shot the sonsofbitches. Works for me.



About Chad Miller

Ours is not a government of the people, but an aristocracy of oppressive elitists, & the Tree of Liberty's roots have grown parched! You can follow Chad on Twitter. Also see; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Obama-The-Enemy-Within/493345724020615?ref=hl
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