Government Is A Bloated Political Crime Syndicate Run By Elitist Mafiosos

73BEF524-D13A-44A6-9842-A45D6FD873F2_mw1024_n_sThe largest case of brazen criminal fraud & extortion to ever be committed by a sitting President & his political Party against every single American in the history of the United States is playing out right in front of your eyes people. Obamacare. Despite all these divergent narratives highlighting the many resulting & horrific consequences of this calculated phenomenal disaster we’ve been seeing reported about in the mainstream media since Obama loosed his “signature” legislative Kraken on our country, it’s really no more complicated to explain than that. A crime HAS been knowingly & purposely enacted against each & every one of us. Despite that droves of terrified Democrats are bailing Obama’s ship to save themselves as the 2014 midterm elections fast approach & they see with a clarity reserved for deer’s caught in the headlights as their careers hang in the balance.

Some have even spoken out. Naturally not from any altruistic sense of doing the right thing. More like out of an obvious self-motivated necessity rooted solely in political self-preservation. In a recent article at, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) admitted that Democrats knew full well Americans would be booted from their health insurance plans as an effect of Obamacare implementation. They KNEW! So can anyone else feel the pulse in their temple throbbing yet? I’d think by now I would have gotten use to that feeling, but no. Not really.

~When asked whether Democrats were misled by President Obama about whether Americans would be able to keep their plans in the individual insurance market, Gillibrand answered: “He should’ve just been specific. No, we all knew.” ~

As Obama & his fellow Democrats deliberately lied through their teeth to the American people for these past 3 years assuring them that if they liked their current existing healthcare plans they would be able to keep them, they did this knowing they were fraudulently misleading the American people. Subsequently, as millions of regular folks have begun seeing their current existing healthcare plans shredded & swept away (an intended consequence of this premeditated scheme), establishment elitists of this Washington D.C. ruling class oligarchy were conniving to exempt themselves from Obamacare.

_gallery_images_expressive_matrix-007I really think there’s a point a person reaches with anger sometimes when trying to utilize our vocabulary becomes temporarily inaccessible because we simply can’t readily process & condense so much outrage down into the meager limitations of the syllables, consonants, verbs, nouns, pronouns & whatnot commonplace in our day to day verbiage. Our capability of speech is momentarily interrupted by a descending haze of red that locks our tongues in a vice grip of indignation commingled with resentment, dismay, disgust, & seething anger. Especially during a prolonged period of time when we’ve been relentlessly inundated & bombarded by one contrived abuse after another. All done by design to our perpetual detriment. So tell me again about this ‘representative government‘ any of you might still like to think we have.

These periods of speechlessness are generally followed anymore by a gut felt sensation of futility as we recognize our country seems to have embraced this inverted pattern of redefining wrong as right & everything right is now maligned, smeared, ridiculed, mocked, & litigated towards extinction. This is what consequentially happens when you grant sick minded people to have any measure of influence over society.

Pelosi_Rangel_Laughing09022Take Nancy Pelosi as a perfect example of what happens when you put the keys of the asylum into the hands of lunatics. I mean this woman exudes a palpable aura that reeks of rancid irrationality & mental instability. Have you ever listened to her talk?!? It’s the equivalent of having shards of glass driven into your brain through your temple. The inexhaustible absurdity of this hag defies common sense & is a grotesque disfigurement & a disservice to the dignity, integrity, principles, & virtues of our nation. Admittedly not as much so as her token leader occupying our White House, but in the necrotic tissues of her diseased brain, she knew just like Obama did that millions of Americans would lose their healthcare coverage as she infamously told us all back in March of 2010, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”

obama-zombies-altWell, they ALL knew before then even what was in it, the “fog” has lifted, & now we’re all finding out what’s in it. Every member of this Stalinist media we have can twirl & spin in their epileptic discombobulated waltz around the truth of this 800 pound schizophrenic Gorilla sitting in the middle of the room. A crime has been committed against the American people whether or not anyone has the guts or the journalistic integrity to admit & say it out loud. A series of criminal violations would probably be more like it if we had a genuine investigation of what exactly went into crafting this astounding deception. Led & overseen by an equally deceptive & egregious fraud.

married_with_children_pilot_steve_alBut who among these Foxes overrunning the Hen Houses on Capitol Hill would be appointed as a special prosecutor to investigate their own serial malfeasance? It’s a joke when you think about it. Meanwhile, in this latest barrage of scandal debris we seem incessantly hit with by the swirling tempest that is hurricane Obama, it’s now being reported that the Census Bureau knew the numbers behind the unemployment rate falling sharply prior to the 2012 elections were faked. Most of us are at the point of asking what isn’t ‘faked’, ‘covered-up’, or blatantly ‘lied’ about outright when it comes to Barack Hussein Obama & his established pattern of chronic corruption?! It’s not a matter anymore of ‘surprise’ to millions of Americans with each successive scandal this counterfeit spawns. Its become more like a prevailing sense of anticipated inevitability as we ask ourselves,”Okay, so what’s next?”. Just like our expecting the inevitable absence of any accountability whatsoever that results with each one of Obama’s scandals.

1394253_759590767389922_1257272774_nI’ve had to scoff too when I’ve heard pundits on Fox News hypothesizing on the possible fallout of what this latest scandal means to Obama, & it’s potential political consequences. What fallout? What consequences?! People have been MURDERED under this obscene anomaly’s dereliction & their deaths purposely covered up because they were slain by the very same Islamic radicals in the Middle East Obama had been covertly running guns to out of Benghazi without Congressional approval up to that point that now he’s arming openly having circumvented federal law to do it! What the Hell kind of accountability does anyone really expect over something as trivial by comparison as fudged numbers when Obama can get away with getting our people killed in the commission of another of his illegal gun running operations to known enemies of the United States?!?

Lets face reality here. If no one goes to jail for this Democrat concocted racket, then we’ve officially become a third world banana republic & the rule of law has gone out the window except inasmuch as it would be applied towards we the peasants should we dare express dissent & opposition against this fascistic breed of tyrants ruling over us today. If no one goes to jail for this, if we just let this go too, then we deserve everything we have handed down to us from these lawless sonsofbitches!

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Ours is not a government of the people, but an aristocracy of oppressive elitists, & the Tree of Liberty's roots have grown parched! You can follow Chad on Twitter. Also see;
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5 Responses to Government Is A Bloated Political Crime Syndicate Run By Elitist Mafiosos

  1. livesaneblog says:

    I eagerly and laughingly await your frenzied support of the current president and his “for the people” cabinet. What an utter ass.

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