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Government Is A Bloated Political Crime Syndicate Run By Elitist Mafiosos

The largest case of brazen criminal fraud & extortion to ever be committed by a sitting President & his political Party against every single American in the history of the United States is playing out right in front of your … Continue reading

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Being too “extremist” for Obama is all the eligibility Statesman Ted Cruz needs for 2016

So how do you feel about Barack Hussein Obama having inducted the United States into the “Axis of Evil” hall of fame? We’ve officially become sponsors & supporters of Islamic terrorism by his having purposely ignored provisions of federal law … Continue reading

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Our former government of the people is now one of the terrorists, by the terrorists, & for the terrorists

Our country no longer belongs to us. There are no ‘ifs’, there are no ‘maybes’, & there isn’t any ‘buts’ about it. Not anymore there’s not. It’s gone. Right in front of our eyes we’ve watched this piecemeal theft go … Continue reading

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The Treason & conceivable Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama

Not so long ago in our country’s history, having a President as diametrically opposed & brazenly hostile to the very principles of our nations Founding & its fundamental laws as we have in Barack Hussein Obama would have been inconceivable … Continue reading

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‘Terrorist Activity’ sounds like a ‘family tradition’ for Barack Hussein Obama

You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to know that distrusting any argument Barack Hussein Obama would postulate in his upcoming address to the Nation later today to justify & garner public support for his proposed military intervention against Syria is elementary. … Continue reading

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So what part of Obama’s ‘hope & change’ involved him starting World War III again?!

So does anyone remember what part of Obama’s “hope & change”, included World War III? I mean the only ‘hope’ I’ve ever seen associated with Obama has been people hoping desperately for an end to all this bastardizing ‘change’ he … Continue reading

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Could Obama’s blood ties to Muslim Brotherhood reveal him as an accessory to murder?

Following the first in a series of planned town hall meetings, constituents in & around the city of Spanish Fork, Utah approached attending Republican Senator Mike Lee, expressing their belief Barack Hussein Obama had violated the law & was deserving … Continue reading

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